• I. LAW
ADRIANA CORHAN, Matrimonial Convention
GIANINA DAVID, M?D?LINA JEBELEAN, Brief considerations of some of the problems arising in practice relative to the payment order procedure regulated by the new code of civil procedure
MARIUS DR?GHICI, Appeal and recourse in light of the Code of Civile Procedure
MARIUS DR?GHICI, Professional indemnity insurance
DIANA DUMA, European procedure on small claims, enforceability and enforcement proceedings of adjudgements in the light of the European Regulation on Small Claims no. 861/2007
DIANA DUMA, Enforceability of Regulation on jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters
LUIS GUTIERREZ SANJUAN, Advertising and the image of women: issues
NICOLAE PAN?, Current perspectives on law. Terrorism an organised crimes
ADRIAN Z?RIE, Divorce by agreement between spouses by administrative and notary procedure
CONSTANTIN MIHAI, Philosophy of Religion
FLORIN MIHAI DON?U, Romglish between Supression and Linguistic Evolution
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